Software Engineer: Obama Birth Certificate Is a Forgery: “Mathematical Proof”

WND reports that a “prominent software engineer” has shown “mathematical proof” that the Obama “birth certificate” is a forgery because the mother’s signature is too perfect. He brought up the layers of the document in Windows Photo Viewer and magnified Obama’s mother’s signature. In layer 9, it is in a perfectly straight line exactly one pixel about the signature line, a mathematical impossibility for a human being writing freehand.

photo credit -- WND

The engineer, who is a “high-level programmer” for a state government, has asking to be kept anonymous to avoid retaliation or being fired. His examination centered on layers 8 and 9 of the document released by the White House because the mother’s signature is broken between those two layers. First of all, the birth certificate image should not be in layers if it is an authentic image and, secondly, the signature should not be partially in one layer and partially in another. The fact that it is and the fact that the signature is exactly straight, exactly one pixel above the signature line is “mathematical proof” of forgery, according to the software expert.

This is now another software or document expert that has come forth with evidence that the Obama “birth certificate” is a forgery, and not a very good one. However, the question remains, when is the Congress or the courts finally going to take a serious look at this document and the evidence that continues to mount that shows the man sitting in the Oval Office may not be a citizen of the United States, and certainly does not qualify as a “natural born” American citizen as the President is required to be by the U.S. Constitution? 

Cases challenging Obama’s eligibility to legally run for or be President have been filed by various parties and attorneys for over three years, yet no court has allowed any case to be heard. Most of them have been dismissed on legal technicalities. It is high time that the courts allow a case to be heard on its merits, for evidence to be brought forth, for documents to be subpoenaed, for expert witnesses to be heard, and for judges to actually make a ruling on evidence and stop looking for political cover and ducking their responsibility to the American people.


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