Experts Show Birth Certificate a Forgery

Evidence continues to surface that the Obama “birth certificate” that the White House posted in April is an out-and-out forgery. Typographer Paul Irey has produced an easy to see and impressive examination of the many typefaces found in the certificate. This is problematic to begin with because if the birth certificate was produced on a typewriter as would be expected from a 1961 document, it could only contain one typeface not multiple typefaces. Check the link below.


credit: Paul Irey -- WND

Further, Adobe experts, Mara Zebest and Doug Vogt, have also told World Net Daily that the Obama “birth certificate” was apparently created by cutting and pasting from existing documents and is not an original certificate. The registrar stamps that have the date, April 25, 2011, and the one bearing the registrar’s name appear to have been imported to the document electronically and are not original to the document. They also appear in separate layers, which they should not.

Other anomalies include letters that have the exact same pixel structure, indicating they are the same letter copied over and over to create different words, an apparent spelling error in the registrar statement, and an alteration to the registrar’s signature that makes it appear to be a character smiling.

credit: Zebest and Vogt — WND

With the amount of evidence growing that the Obama “birth certificate” is a forgery and the testimony of a number of document experts, the question remains: when is the court going to finally agree to hear a case challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President since the Constitution states clearly that the President must be a “natural born” citizen of the United States? It seems readily apparent that Obama does not meet the Constitutional requirement.


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