Software Expert: Obama Birth Certificate Forgery

Now another document expert has examined Obama’s “birth certificate” posted by the White House and determined it is a forgery. Software designer, Tom Harrison, with over 30 years experience says it is quite obvious the document is a forgery for the simple fact that upon close examination there are areas where colored pixels are overlapped or missing. This would be impossible if the “birth certificate” was actually a scanned original document as claimed.

Harrison explains that the document does come apart in layers and that pixels in places are not the same or the same color or no color is there. He provides rather dramatic pictures of the layers of the document, nine in all (there should be only one) and it is easy to see that places are lacking the color that should be there in some layers. (See closeup picture of pixels below and the WND link above.)

credit: Tom Harrison -- WND

As the number of experts declaring the Obama “birth certificate” a forgery continues to rise, it seems amazing that the mainstream American media has largely ignored their analysis and continues to insist that the document is genuine, evidently based on the fact that the White House posted it therefore it is true. The blind spot that the media has for Obama is staggering and even factually evidence no longer matters in their reporting — if they bother to report anything at all about this incredible forgery.

The courts have also been complicit in covering for Obama as they have refused over and over to heard any of the multitude of lawsuits challenging his eligibility to be president under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution, specifically Article 2, Section 1, which states the President must be a “natural born” American citizen, which generally is taken to mean that both parents must be American citizens. Obama’s father was a British subject from Kenya.

However, a few lawsuits are still moving slowly through the court system. One notable one filed by attorney Orly Taitz has not only brought up the problem of the birth certificate, but is currently seeking discovery to determine why Obama has a Social Security number issued from Connecticut (where he never lived) which the Social Security Administration says was actually never assigned. If this evidence is ever allowed to see the light of day, it will be the most explosive political story of our time. But, perhaps, that is why no one wants to touch this.


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