Obama Hawaiian Birth Certificate Subpoenaed

Attorney Orly Taitz has subpoenaed Obama’s original 1961 birth certificate from the State of Hawaii Department of Health. On August 8th she will be traveling to Honolulu where she will meet typography expert Paul Irey and computer imaging expert Doug Vogt to examine the original birth certificate, if it exists. Both experts have already examined the electronic version the White House posted on the internet in April and declare it a fraud. (See postings below.)


Irey has pointed out that among other problems the White House version is composed of multiple typefaces — which would be impossible on a 1960s era typewriter– and shows evidence of “kerning” — the proportional spacing between letters found on computer-generated documents, but not with typewritten ones. After his examination of the electronic “birth certificate, “Vogt filed a 22-page criminal complaint with the FBI claiming the “birth certificate” is a forgery for multiple reasons, such as parallax problems, for which he presented evidence.

photo credit Irey -- WND

Vogt further claims that they will hold a press conference later in the day August 8th and if the birth certificate on record at the Hawaii DOH varies from the one the White House released then criminal charges will immediately be filed for forgery, etc. Irey says that he will be able to tell within minutes of examining the original if the one released by the White House is fraudulent.

Through they have been stonewalling for months, years actually, refusing to show Obama’s original “birth certificate,” the Hawaii DOH has little recourse at this point but to comply or to refuse the subpoena. If they refuse, the judge in the case can compel them through court order to release the original. It is now only a matter of time before the question of Obama’s birth certificate, and whether he is a “natural born” American citizen, will come to light. If the original does not exist or does not match the version the White House released, the consequences will shake the presidency and the nation.


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