Hawaii DOH Officials Refuse to Show Obama’s Birth Certificate — Ordered to Federal Court

As expected, Hawaii Department of Health officials on Monday refused a subpoena to show attorney Orly Taitz and her computer document experts Obama’s long form birth certificate, if it actually exists. DOH officials cited Hawaii’s privacy law forbidding the release of such documents unless authorized by the party who is subject to the document. Taitz then obtained an order from the U.S. District Court requiring that DOH officials appear in court September 14 and show cause as to why they refuse to abide by the subpoena. 


Taitz represents clients in an ongoing lawsuit who challenge Obama’s eligibility to be President under the Constitutional requirement that the president must be a “natural born” citizen, usually interpreted to mean having parents who are both U.S. citizens. The White House released a document claimed to be Obama’s long form birth certificate in April, but it has been examined by several computer document experts and declared to be a forgery, a computer-generated paper, and not a scan of a 1961 typewritten birth certificate. (See stories below.)

Taitz says that the DOH officials’ claim that the “birth certificate” is protected by privacy law is moot as the White House released the document publicly on the internet in April. Privacy is no longer an issue once it was made public.

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Numerous questions surround the document released by the White House as it is problematic in several areas, including being composed of different fonts, showing evidence of “kerning” — which is proportional spacing between letters — impossible with typewritten documents, layering showing different parts of the document’s lettering and signatures in different electronic layers, anomalies in the background coloring and “halos,” Obama’s father being identified as “African” instead of “Negro” as he would have been in 1961, letter alignment problems, an apparent spelling error, etc. The list goes on and on.

If the court compels the Hawaiian DOH to show the document to Taitz and her experts, as is expected, it may galvanize the case against Obama and finally compel the court to take up the issue of Constitutional eligibility. So far no court in the country has had the courage to allow the case to be heard in open court. This could finally be the opening shot in a case of historic dimensions.  (Click on picture to see details.)

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