How Obama’s Certification of Live Birth Faked

Computer expert Dr. Ron Pollard, Ph.D., has come forward admitting the he forged the short form Certification of Live Birth that the White House released in April supposedly proving Obama was born in Hawaii. The short form document had been released in 2008, but it had come under scrutiny as a forgery just as the recent long form birth certificate has. The article posted on the WND site has a short YouTube video explaining and showing how he forged the certification.

photo credit WND

Pollard says that Hawaii did not copy or scan and send the certification as the White House claims. The White House took the certification they gave the press from the website. Ironically, it was Pollard’s fake that they took which Snopes had claimed was authentic.  Pollard explains how he made the document in Photoshop and proves it is his fake.

Pollard earned his Ph.D. in Instructional Systems and he is an expert in computer graphics and using printers and scanners to create digital images. He is the author of an ebook Alias Barack Obama: The Greatest Identity Fraud in History.


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