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Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate Recreated

October 19, 2011

Computer graphics expert Ron Pollard has succeeded in duplicating Obama’s “birth certificate” in order to show how the forgery was accomplished. Pollard spend two months deconstructing, reverse engineering, then reconstructing the PDF document the White House claims is Obama’s “birth certificate” from Hawaii. His is the latest analysis of the computer document which has been examined by over 20 computer and imaging experts, most of whom have said the birth certificate is a fake. Pollard has produced a four-part video series showing and explaining how it was done (click the first link below).

In the second part of the report (second link) Pollard recounts what he learned in the 800 hours of  deconstructing, forensic analysis, reconstruction, and testing of the duplicate he was able to create and give his views on the forger. Among those things, he says that he believes more than one person worked on the forgery, but there was a main forger who was expert in using “Adobe software products, including Acrobat, Illustrator and Photoshop, in its production,” according to the report on WND.  Surprisingly, he also believes the anomalies in the forgery were not mistakes, but left on purpose in order to draw criticism which could be countered by Obama supporters claiming they were naturally occurring with certain software. In all, Pollard says that construction of the forgery required over 100 individual precise steps and the forger paid close attention to every detail. Still, he says, it is a forgery.

Though Pollard’s analysis and duplication of the birth certificate PDF would seem to prove that it is a forgery, so far no court has been willing to hear any case or lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility as a “natural born” citizen to be heard on the merits of the case.  Various excuses and technicalities have used to avoid dealing with the issue in a court of law, but it is hoped that eventually the truth will be heard and a judgment rendered. In the meantime, the evidence continues to mount and most of it is not going in Obama’s favor.