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On Tape Obama’s Grandmother Says He Was Born in Kenya

November 2, 2008

Audio and affidavits attesting to the authenticity of their translation have surfaced in which, in a telephone interview with Obama’s grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, she says that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and she was present at his birth! Listen to this incredible tape. 

One of Sarah Obama’s grandsons who was helping with the translation is heard trying to claim that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, but the missionary who was aiding the call who speaks the language says, and signed an affidavit stating that the grandmother clearly says Obama was born in Kenya and she was there.

Followup¬†on WND: “Doubts Persist about Obama Birth Certificate”

If the birth certificate is genuine and not from Kenya, then why doesn’t the Obama campaign release it and end the controversy? Why are law enforcement officers guarding access to hospital files? How unusual is this.