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Obama “Birth Certificate” on Way to Capitol Hill

June 5, 2013

After months of investigation by officials in Arizona into claims that Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent, lead investigator Mike Zullo recently made a public presentation of the evidence found to the annual convention of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association annual convention in St. Charles, MO. According to reports, those present were stunned, shocked, and outraged by the evidence presented showing that Obama’s “birth certificate” released by the White House was obviously a fraud created by computer graphics.

Zullo also met recently with members of Congress concerned about the evidence the investigation has uncovered and were equally shocked by the findings. According to the WND article, “Several constitutional officers, public officials, attorneys, elected officials  and others are now pledging full and personal support for moving the issue to a  congressional investigation.” Evidence from this investigation was also included in “a legal case pending before the Alabama Supreme Court,” and Zullo entered the information investigators found in an affidavit to the court.

Obama Birth Certificate2Some years ago during Obama’s first term, after bragging he would end the controversy once and for all, the governor of Hawaii was unexplainably unable to produce Obama’s birth certificate from the state’s official records. Obama’s people also released a Selective Service card for him, but that also appeared to be fraudulent. As pressure mounted on Obama before the last election to show documentation, the White House released the “birth certificate” online where analysis easily showed it to be a computer generated document and not genuine. (See stories below for details.)  Mainstream media ignored all of this for the most part, and several of those at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association annual convention were alarmed to see such evidence had been routinely dismissed if not ridiculed by the press.

Other documents which other presidents and those in Congress and the federal government usually release regarding their past Obama has steadfastly refused to release, including: Obama’s adoption records, official documents of his and his mother’s repatriation as U.S. citizens on return from Indonesia, his official name change  from Barry Sotero (his name in Indonesia) to Barack Obama after returning to the U. S.,  his Occidental College  records, his Harvard Law School records, his Columbia College senior thesis, his Columbia College records, his record with Illinois State Bar Association,  his passport records (especially explaining his trip to Pakistan in the 1970s when U.S. citizens were not allowed to go there). This list is by no means complete and Obama continues to refuse to let anyone see his records. Some he has taken legal action to hide from the American public.

It had appeared that this scandal and cover up was going to have to wait for historians to sort is out, but this sudden interest in the claims of fraud from law enforcement officials and the Alabama Supreme Court may drive the truth forward sooner than expected.


Obama “Birth Certificate” a Forgery: Mathematical Proof

November 9, 2012

I honesty thought that this blog would be over on election day 2012 when  Obama would be voted out of office, not because of his ineligibility as should have happened years ago, but because of his dismal record. However, the issue of his Constitutional ineligibility is once again in play since his re-election, and now mathematical expert Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, former advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, has released a sworn affidavit that the “birth certificate” released by the White House for Obama is definitely a forgery.

photo credit — WND

Lord Monckton, educated at Cambridge University, using probability analysis, explains in his affidavit in simple language how the chance of the numerous anamolies found in Obama’s “birth certificate” by forensic experts being accidental is astronomically high — on the order of 1 in 75 sextillion. In other words, impossible; the document is without a doubt a forgery. (See the affidavit, link below.)

Lord Monckton gave his affidavit at the request of the attorney for the plaintiff in one of the many cases that have been brought forth challenging Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, to be president. Every House member and every Senator in Congress have also been approached and asked to bring up this issue. So far all have refused or have not responded. However, the article says that the issue and the affidavit are going forward. It is still a question if any court will have the courage to look into the issue and allow evidence to be brought forth. None have to date.

Obama & Eligibility — Farewell for Now

January 1, 2012

Nightwatch blog began shortly before Obama was elected president of the United States. It was not my original intent to blog about politics or Obama or the question of his eligibility to be president. I actually expected the issue to be resolved years ago. I am astounding that such an important constitutional question still has not been heard in the courts of America; in fact they seem to be ducking the question and running for cover. The questions of his eligibility seem legitimate and loom large over our nation. Are we still a nation of law or have we chosen another path?

photo credit: atlas shrugs

The questions regarding Obama’s eligibility originate directly from the U.S. Constitution. Article 2, Section 1, states that  only a “natural born” citizen may be eligible to be President of the United States, and dual citizenship is not allowed. Obama’s eligibility is questionable on several accounts. Some of the major ones are listed below, plus there are over 200 articles and links on this blog that can be read and studied.

  • Obama is not a “natural born” citizen because his father, according to Obama, was a British subject from Kenya. A “natural born” citizen must have two U.S. citizen parents. In addition, since his father was British, Obama at best was a dual citizen, which is also not allowed.
  • According to Obama’s own grandmother who lives in Kenya, she attended Obama’s birth — in Kenya. She claimed he was not born in Hawaii but in Kenya in Mombasa. The African press has stated on more than one occasion that Obama is a Kenyan, African-born.
  • Obama’s mother remarried an Indonesian man and the family moved to Indonesia where Obama attended school under the name Barry Soetoro, indicating his stepfather adopted him. Also, only Indonesian Muslims could attend school, so Obama must have taken Indonesian citizenship as well, meaning he was no longer an American citizen.

Obama's Indonesian School Record

  • During his time in college it is known that Obama traveled to Pakistan; however, the year he went there American travel to Pakistan was prohibited because of international conflicts, so the only way he could have gotten into the country was on a foreign passport — perhaps an Indonesian passport.
  • Obama intentionally sealed all of his college and university records, without explanation, so it is impossible to see if he registered as an American student or a foreign student, like his father. Very few records are available about any facet of his life. He has spent an estimated $2 million so far to keep his records secret from the public.
  • Obama briefly posted his Selective Service card, but anomalies with the card and the year it was supposedly issued (red squares) were noted and it quickly disappeared from the internet.

  • A Certification of Live Birth was then posted on the internet, but it also came under scrutiny, especially when it was learned that they could be obtained simply on request. Complicating the issue was the fact that neither of the hospitals in Hawaii where Obama claimed to be born (yes, he’s claimed two different ones) have any record that he or his mother were ever in the hospitals.
  • Oddly, no doctor, nurse, or hospital worker has ever come forth claiming they attended Obama’s birth in Hawaii though monetary rewards were offered if someone would prove they attended his birth or saw him in the hospital as a newborn.

  • A search of government records showed that Obama’s Social Security card and number were issued in Connecticut, a state Obama never lived in. SS numbers are coded by the state that issues the card. Further search found that the number Obama is using was never issued to him.
  • However, a judge dismissed this because he felt the information was obtained without good faith and the person who accessed it had no legal reason to do so — though it came from the SS administration’s own site.
  • Finally, there is the whole controversy involving the posting of what purported to be Obama’s “official” birth certificate a full two plus years after he took office. However, it took the computer savvy less than an hour to determine that the “certificate” was actually photoshopped and likely fraudulent. Subsequently, several document, typographical, software, and computer experts have examined the certificate and have largely labeled it a forgery — and not a very good one. The list of anomalies is long, but some are very telling, such as having different typefaces (which a typewritten document from 1961 would not have). One expert went so far as to figure out exactly how the forgery was made and then recreated the “certificate” to prove it was forgery.

photo credit Irey -- WND

All of these stories and links to other articles and pictures of the documents in question are in the previous postings on this blog going back to fall of 2008. As I said, over 200. However, I am being called in another direction now and I will not be adding anymore to this blog unless and until this matter is finally resolved or something very major breaks.  Then there might be one last big story — if some court or the Supreme Court will finally agree to hear the case of Obama’s eligibility under the U.S. Constitution to be president and allow the evidence to be shown.

Farewell for now.

More Experts Doubt Obama Birth Certificate Real

June 26, 2011

An Adobe software expert, Gary Poyssick, has told World Net Daily that the birth certificate released by the White House of Obama’s “birth certificate” is not a “simply scan” and is likely an outright forgery. “Something digital came between the paper and the glass,” he told WND.  He strongly criticized the creator of the fraudulent birth certificate for several mistakes and errors in the document, such as not flattening the image, having lettering of different resolutions, and “kerning,” which is proportional letter spacing, which was impossible with typewriters (the original certificate, 1961, would have been typed).

Typography expert, Joseph M. Newcomer, who was instrumental in proving the memos supposedly discrediting President George W. Bush during his time in the Texas Air National Guard were fake and created on a computer, has also stated to WND that he believes the Obama “birth certificate” is a “highly suspicious” document that needs forensic analysis. He is concerned about the date stamps on the document because the individual letters and numbers vary markedly in density between grayscale and heavy black. Such abnormalities, Newcomer says, would indicate a “‘cut-and-paste’ fraud.”

So far at least a half a dozen document experts of various kinds have said they are either very suspicious of the Obama “birth certificate,” or have said it is obviously an out-and-out forgery, and not a very good one. Yet it remains to be seen if any of this will ever be heard in a court room. To date no court in the United States has agree to hear evidence in the cases challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President under the requirement of the Constitution that the President be a “natural born” citizen, having an American father and mother.

However, the Supreme Court has again agreed to consider a case in which former ambassador and presidential candidate Alan Keyes et al. sued the California Secretary of State et al. for not vetting candidate Obama to make sure he was eligible to run for president on the state ballot. The Supreme Court has agreed to consider the case, in conference, this fall.

Another case with the same clients is currently awaiting a ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and it will be going to the Supreme Court whether they rule for or against Obama. Hopefully, eventually, the truth will come out and the American public will find out why Obama has refused to release his personal documents as president or why the few documents he has released have been forgeries. The people have the right to know.

Hawaiian Detective: Obama Birth Certificate Fake

May 9, 2011

A Hawaiian private investigator has charged that Obama’s recently release birth certificate has strikingly exact features to ones he has previously seen that were purported to be forgeries. Takeyuki Irei makes the astounding claim that Hawaiian Department of Health employees forged three different “birth certificates” for Obama.

Two certificates claim Hawaiian birth, but the names of the doctors were different and one said the hospital was Queens and one said Kapiolani. The other was the one published in the Aloha Reporter last year that claimed a Kenyan birth but registered Obama in Hawaii, by his grandmother. That was declared a fake because the grandmother’s signature misspelled her name.

Irei says that the similarities between the previous ones he saw and the one released by the White House are so close that it almost appears to be a copy, with only minor changes. The discrepancies between the names of the doctors and the hospitals continue to concern him and he says he is still trying to find Obama’s real birth certificate.

Supreme Court Refuses Obama Case, Again

March 14, 2011

Once again, the U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear a challenge to Obama’s eligibility to be President under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution. Attorney John Hemenway had called the Court to task for not responding to his motion that Sotomayor and Kagan recuse themselves from considering the case he had previously filed, Hollister v. Barry Soetoro, et al. (Soetoro being Obama’s name when he was boy in Indonesia).

Incredibly, it appears that though the Supreme Court took the unusual step of reconsidering Hemenway’s plea that Sotomayor and Kagan recuse themselves, they not only did not recuse themselves from considering whether the Obama eligibility case should be heard, they did not recuse themselves from the recusal motion stating they had a vested, personal interest in the case.  Such hubris is unprecedented for Supreme Court justices.

Historically, justices step aside when they have previously sided in a case or if there is even the perception of a personal conflict. Since Obama nominated both of them and his ineligibility, if proven, would put their appointments in question, it is obvious they have great self interest in such a case. Unfortunately, there is no higher court to compell them to honor the ethics of their profession.

If they can successfully keep the Court from hearing an eligibility case against Obama, then it will be up to the individual states to bring a measure of fairness, honesty, and justice into this process. Currently about 20 states are considering legislation that will require future presidental candidates to prove their eligibility as required under Article 2, Section 1, of the U.S. Constitution, something the Congress and the Electoral College failed to do in the 2008 Presidental election. 

To this day, Obama has refused to provide his official birth certificate proving he is a “natural born” citizen, which the law requires the President to be. (His father was a British citizen.) It is estimated he has spent about $2 million to fight the lawsuits asking him to simply supply his official birth certificate. He has offered no explanation why he is keep this and other documents secret.

Obama Eligibility Reconsidered by Supreme Court

February 18, 2011

Surprisingly, the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed on March 4 to reconsider hearing a lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution to be President.  In January, the Supreme Court, in conference, denied without comment the original request to hear arguments in the case claiming that Obama is not a “natural born” citizen as required under Article 2, Section 1.  However, attorney John Hemenway repetitioned the Court stating that it had not responded to his motion, as required by law, that Sotomayor and Kagan recuse themselves from voting on the petition.

U.S. Supreme Court

In his motion for recusal, Hemenway argued that since Obama had appointed Sotomayor and Kagan to the Court, this created a potential conflict of interest and they should not vote on whether or not to hear the case regarding Obama’s eligibility. In repetitioning the Court, he stated that the Court was obligated to respond to his recusal motion within ten days if it had opposed, and since the Court had not responded that meant there was no objection to the motion and Sotomayor and Kagan should have recused themselves from voting, which they didn’t.

Hemenway’s case, Hollister v. Barry Soetoro, et al  (Soetoro was Obama’s stepfather’s name and the name he had as a boy in Indonesia),  is one of the oldest working its way through the court system and has the distinction of not having been denied by lower courts for “lack of standing,” which has ended other eligibility lawsuits without being heard.

Last year Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas stated before a U.S. House subcommittee that the Court was avoiding consideration of Obama’s eligibility. Hemenway stated in his petition for rehearing, “To continue to avoid the issue will destroy the constitutional rule of law basis of our legal system when it is under vigorous assault as surely as if the conscious decision were made to cease preserving and protecting our founding charter.” On March 4 the Court has another chance to consider its decision.

Obama Lawsuit Supreme Court Rehearing Petition

February 9, 2011

Veteran attorney John D. Hemenway has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider their decision to hear his lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution to be President. The Court denied to hear the case, without comment, last month. However, Hemenway states that since the Court did not respond to his request that Sotomayor and Kagan recuse themselves from consideration of hearing the case that the Court by default agreed they should recuse themselves, which they didn’t. 

Hemenway is the attorney who filed the case Hollister v. Barry Soetoro, et. al. (Soetoro is Obama’s stepfather’s name and the name Obama had as a young boy when living in Indonesia). His case is the only major case to have made it to the Supreme Court that has not been denied in the courts for “lack of standing.”

Like most of the other lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President, the case claims that Obama does not meet the requirement under Article 2, Section 1, that the President be a “natural born” citizen, which is usually taken to mean that both parents are American citizens. Obama’s father was a British subject from Kenya and his stepfather, who some say adopted him, was Indonesian.

All of the lawsuits have requested that Obama provide an official, long-form birth certificate proving he is a “natural born” citizen, but Obama has steadfastly refused to do so and has even gone so far as to deny access to all of his school, college, and law school records, as well as his passport records and civil service records from when he was an official in Illinois. It is estimated that he has spent nearly $2 million to keep his records secret from the public.

Some have claimed that the Certification of Live Birth his campaign posted on the internet proves he is a citizen, but as Hemenway and others have pointed out, that certification was available simply on request in Hawaii back in those days, even to non-citizens, and that certification is not the same as a long-form birth certificate. Others have pointed out that independent forensic analysis of the posted document shows it has been photoshopped and is likely a forgery.

photo credit WND

Further questions arose recently when the new governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, sought to end the controversy by producing Obama’s official birth certificate, but failed to find the document in Hawaii’s Department of Health vital records. In addition, a former Hawaiian election official swore under affidavit that he was told by his superiors that no birth certificate for Obama existed in Hawaii. 

Whereas it would seem reasonable that the U.S. Supreme Court would think it its duty to consider the constitutional question of the eligibility of a person to be President, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas admitted to a U.S. House subcommittee that the Court has been evading the issue.

The questions raised in this and similar lawsuits go beyond deciding if Obama is constitutionally eligible to be President. The real matter before the Court is: Are we a country still governed under the “rule of law” or not? Hemenway’s lawsuit claims that if this matter is not resolved by the rule of law, then we have destroyed the constitutional basis of our legal system.

Supreme Court Denies 3rd Eligibility Petition

January 19, 2011

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied, without comment, the lastest petition challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President under Article 2, Section 1, of the U. S. Constitution.  Hollister v. Barry Soetoro, et. al., which was filed by veteran attorney John D. Hemenway, contended that Obama does not meet the eligibility requirement to be a “natural born” citizen of the United States since his father was a British subject.

Hollister v. Barry Soetoro, et. al., which was filed by veteran attorney John D. Hemenway, contended that Obama (aka Soetoro, his stepfather’s name when he lived in Indonesia) does not meet the eligibility requirement to be a “natural born” citizen of the United States since his father was a British subject.  The Supreme Court declined to hear the case.

Other cases challenging Obama’s eligibility are still working their way through the court system, but so far no court has been willing to hear the evidence. To date, Obama has spent an estimated $1.7 million to keep his birth certificate  and other documents secret. He has steadfastly refuse to show the public his official birth certificate or college records. Questions about his eligibility are expected to continue until the court agrees to hear one of the cases and end the controversy.

A Third Obama Challenge at Supreme Court

January 2, 2011

For the third time a petition has been filed with the U.S. Supreme Court challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President under Article 2, Section 1, of the Constitution.  Hollister v. Barry Soetoro, et. al. filed by veteran attorney John D. Hemenway contends that Obama does not meet the eligibility requirement to be a “natural born” citizen of the United States. (Soetoro was Obama’s stepfather’s name and the name Obama lived under when a school boy in Indonesia.) The Court will include this case for consideration at its January 14 conference.

Unlike other lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility, this case has not been refused in the lower courts for “lack of standing.” In addition, Hemenway has made a strong case that Justices Sotomayor and Kagan recuse themselves since they potentially have a personal stake in the outcome of the case if the Court agrees to hear it. Both were appointed by Obama, but if he is not Constitutionally eligible to be President, then their appointments are in question, as are other actions he has taken as President. In a previous conference the justices did not recuse themselves which raised questions among some in the legal community.

A major point of Hemenway’s case relies on the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952, which was in effect when Obama was born in 1961. According to this Act, since Obama’s father was Kenyan and a British subject, Obama’s mother could confer “naturalized” citizenship upon him only if she had resided continuously in the United States after the age of 14 for a period of 5 years prior to his birth. Since his mother was 18 at his birth, this requirement was obviously not met.

Other lawsuits have contended that Obama was not born in the United States (his own grandmother claims to have attended his birth — in Kenya) and/or that since his stepfather moved the family to Indonesia and Obama was listed as Indonesian on school records, his citizenship was forfeit.  With Hemenway’s lawsuit it wouldn’t matter if he were born in the United States because he still would not have “naturalized” citizenship under the law at the time.

For over two years Obama has repeatedly refused to make public his records:  long form birth certificate, school records, college records, social security, passport, etc., records most Americans are used to showing on request for drivers licenses, etc. Instead he has fought every request and every attempt to prove his eligibility. However, if the Court agrees to hear one of the upcoming cases, he will finally have to turn over his records to the Court. Then the rule of law will prevail.