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Obama $1 Million to Fight Eligibility Lawsuits

April 24, 2009

Obama’s campaign may publicly claim that the lawsuits challenging his eligibility to be president are without merit, but within the campaign they obvious take these lawsuits seriously. According to Federal Election Commission records the Obama campaign has paid over one million dollars to the Perkins Coie law firm apparently to fight against and avoid complying with these lawsuits.

Virtually all of the lawsuits have asked the same thing: Show us your official birth certificate, Mr. Obama. Prove you are eligible under the rules of the Constitution to be President. Instead of simply providing his birth certificate, Obama has it seems spent one million dollars of his campaign’s money refusing to comply. Why would someone spend one million dollars to keep his birth certificate secret from the public?


Obama’s Ineligibility and Accusations of Perjury

April 17, 2009

The United States Justice Foundation has contacted every attorney general in all 50 states asking each to investigate if the papers Obama’s campaign filed to run on the state ballot included an affirmation that he is eligible to be President under the requirements of the U. S. Constitution.  If not, it suggests that perjury has been committed because the case that Obama is not a “natural born” citizen is “compelling.”

A number of issues are cited that leave doubt on Obama’s eligibility, such as his adamant refusal to produce his official birth certificate, his paternal grandmother’s statements that she attended his birth in Kenya, his family’s changing story of which hospital he was born at in Hawaii (none of which have a record of his birth), the fact that his step-father moved the family to Indonesia and changed his citizenship when Obama was a boy, and the list goes on.

Several court cases are still pending which challenge Obama’s eligibility to be President under Article 2, Section1, of the Constitution. Obama’s response, instead of simply supplying his birth certificate has been to hire teams of lawyers to keep his records hidden from public view.

Doubts about Obama’s Eligibility Grow

April 10, 2009

Instead of subsiding, the doubts (and lawsuits) over Obama’s eligibility are growing in number and in concern. Recently, even liberal columnist Camille Paglia has written that the eligibility issue has not been satisfactorily resolved. She goes on to say that the “embargo” on his college records is also “troubling. ”

Paglia is not alone in her concerns, but she is among the first of the few liberals who care or will admit that there might be a problem with Obama’s eligibility to be President. Legality seems to be of low concern to the liberal mindset.

Controversy has arisen because Obama has refused since the election obama-nobamatvcampaign to prove his eligibility to be President under the Constitutional requirement, Article 2, Section 1, that the President be a “natural born” citizen. When asked to provide a valid birth certificate (as his opponent did), Obama refused and had his records sealed.

Part of the controversy has to do with the fact that his own grandmother in Kenya claims that she attended his birth and he was born in Kenya. It has also been noted that his stepfather moved the family to Indonesia when Obama was a boy where he changed his name and registered him as Indonesian. The United States does not have duel citizenship with either country. Obama also traveled to Pakistan in 1981 on a foreign passport.

In addition to these troubling questions, Obama had all of his college records sealed. This is unusual behavior for anyone let alone a public official, unless of course, the records would show he didn’t register as an American. In all cases, Obama has refused all requests to see his records. His response has been to hire law firms to keep his records sealed and hidden from public view. The question remains: Why?

350,000 Citizens Sign Petition Challenging Obama’s Eligibility to be President

April 5, 2009

Over 350,000 citizens have now signed the petition demanding that Obama provide proof of his eligibility to be President. The U.S. Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, requires that the President be a “natural born” citizen. Since last summer, Obama has steadfastly refused to provide his birth certificate.

Many speculate that he was actually born in Kenya, as his own grandmother obama-nobamatvclaims.  Others have pointed out that no matter where he was born, he lost American citizenship when his stepfather moved the family to Indonesia when Obama was a boy and changed his citizenship to Indonesian. This would also explain how he was able to get into Pakistan back in 1981 when he was a college student when the country was closed to American citizens.

Any of these would automatically disqualify Obama from legally being President, which would explain his refusal to produce his birth certificate (and his college records) and explain why he hired 3 law firms to keep his records sealed and his documents secret from the public.

Currently, several lawsuits are winding their way through the court system challenging Obama’s eligibility. Ultimately, the matter will end up in the  Supreme Court. If you want to see the petition or sign it, you can find it at the link below.

Citizen Grand Jury Indicts Obama in Georgia

April 1, 2009

A citizen grand jury in Georgia has generated an indictment against Obama regarding his eligibility to be President. The indictment was sent to the U.S. Attorney General, the state attorney general, and others in law enforcement.

This indictment is the latest in a series of lawsuits filed against Obama ever since he refused to produce his birth certificate during the election. The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, requires that the President be a “natural born” citizen. Obama’s own paternal grandmother in Kenya claims he was born there. Later, his stepfather moved the family to Indonesia where Obama became an Indonesian citizen.  In either case, he would be ineligible to be the President.

Obama’s response to repeated requests for his birth certificate was to hire 3 law firms and have his records sealed, including his college records. Evidentally, only the courts will be able to compel him to prove his eligibility, if he can.