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Kenya to Open Obama Birthplace Museum

May 31, 2011

While Americans are arguing over whether Obama is a “natural born” citizen and numerous lawsuits challenging his birth and eligibility to be President are being filed in various U.S. courts, the Kenyan government has made plans to build a museum to honor Obama’s birthplace in his family’s home village of Kogelo. 

photo credit: atlas shrugs

According to WND, a 2009 internal bulletin from the Kenyan National Security Intelligence Service confirms the ministry of national heritage “commissioned a cultural museum … to honour the birthplace of President Obama and re-dedicate the tomb of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., the president’s late father.”  The cultural festival hosted by the Kenyan “minister for national heritage, William ole Ntimama,” held in Kogelo, was attended by “U.S. ambassador, Michael Ranneberger.”

Previously published articles in the Nigerian Observer and The Sunday Standard in Kenya speak of Obama as being “Kenyan-born,” and a website for Modern Ghana refers to Obama making a visit to the “continent of his birth during a foreign policy trip in 2009.  Just last year the Kenyan Daily Nation published an artist’s sketch of the proposed cultural center to be built in Obama home village.

Amazingly, American newpapers have either ignored or belittled all questions regarding Obama’s birthplace and his “birth certificate.”  It remains to be seen whether, when it is built, any of the them will cover the opening of the cultural center and museum honoring Obama’s birthplace in Kenya.


More Evidence Obama Birth Certificate Fake

May 19, 2011

Evidence and information continues to come forth that suggests the “birth certificate” released by the White House supposedly showing Obama was born in Hawaii is a forgery. Recently a document expert found evidence of “kerning” in the lettering of the document proving that it was composed on a computer and not on a typewriter as would be expected from a 1961 birth certificate. This is only one of the lastest revelations.

A comparison of the Obama “birth certificate” and another one for twins born the next day in the same hospital shows other anomolies and problems with the document. The Nordyke twins were registered three days after Obama, yet his birth certificate has a number later than theirs. Since birth certificates are given sequentially, this is problematic.

More recently it has been discovered that a baby girl was born the same day that Obama was at the hospital but unfortunately died the next day. Under Hawaiian law her birth certificate would still have to have been filed — within seven days. If she was registered after the Nordyke twins that could explain the later number on the certificate that was used to forge Obama’s birth certificate, so the researcher speculates.

It is obvious from computer analyses by various experts that the document was composed using Adobe Illustrator and is in multiple layers built on an original certificate or composition. Not only do the layers easily come apart under examination, but the lettering is meant to match typewriter type, but shows computer-generated “kerning” instead. In places the lettering does not line up vertically as would be expected, either. So far nothing about the document the White House has tried to pass off as Obama’s authentic birth certificate has proven to be genuine.

Though the White House was hoping that releasing Obama’s “birth certificate” would end the ongoing controversy and questions about his birth, and short circuit the release of a New York Times bestseller Where’s the Birth Certificate? by Jerome Corsi, the revelations showing the document to be a forgery have had the opposite effect.

Another Expert: Obama Birth Certificate Fails

May 12, 2011

Another computer and web expert has said that the “birth certificate” released by Obama does not meet the authenticity test and appears to be “assembled” by someone on a computer from multiple documents. Karl Denninger admits voting for Obama, but concedes that the document released by the White House has problems.

The two most glaring are that the lettering shows evidence of “kerning” and that the background has no “chromatic artifacts” in the coloring, which would be expected. Kerning is where the spacing of computer-generated lettering intrudes into the space shared by the next letter, which with proportional spacing is common with computer-generated type.

However, typewriters had each letter taking up only its space and not proportionally as there would be more space around an “i” than say an “o” because typewriter keys came in set widths for each letter. If the birth certificate were genuine, then it should appear like a document from a 1950s or 1960 era typewriter.  It does not.

Denninger also says that the typed entries on the various lines of the document do not line up (up and down) as would be expected because most likely the typist would have had preset tabs on the typewriter to line up the places where information had to be entered every time a certificate was typed out. Again, the document released by Obama does not do so.

Instead of ending the controversy as the White House had hoped, the “birth certificate” Obama had released has created more controversy. Every few days another question arises and the White House seems to be out of answers.

Hawaiian Detective: Obama Birth Certificate Fake

May 9, 2011

A Hawaiian private investigator has charged that Obama’s recently release birth certificate has strikingly exact features to ones he has previously seen that were purported to be forgeries. Takeyuki Irei makes the astounding claim that Hawaiian Department of Health employees forged three different “birth certificates” for Obama.

Two certificates claim Hawaiian birth, but the names of the doctors were different and one said the hospital was Queens and one said Kapiolani. The other was the one published in the Aloha Reporter last year that claimed a Kenyan birth but registered Obama in Hawaii, by his grandmother. That was declared a fake because the grandmother’s signature misspelled her name.

Irei says that the similarities between the previous ones he saw and the one released by the White House are so close that it almost appears to be a copy, with only minor changes. The discrepancies between the names of the doctors and the hospitals continue to concern him and he says he is still trying to find Obama’s real birth certificate.

Expert: Obama Birth Certificate “was changed”

May 2, 2011

An expert in document analysis has examined the Obama “birth certificate” posted by the White House last week to convince people that Obama was born in Hawaii. His expert analysis concludes that the document “was changed.” As others have speculated, the PDF has multiple layers, and it should not.

Ivan Zatkovich of eComp Consultants, with 28 years of experience and an expert witness in federal courts, has produced a report explaining his findings on examining the PDF of the “birth certificate.” While he does not speculate on the changes that were where text seems to have been altered and he is cautious about labeling the document fake, he certifies that the document was changed.

So what comes next? Currently an ongoing case challenging Obama’s eligibility to be president is pending before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Whereas, the White House was hoping to stop the speculation about Obama’s birth that has been going on since 2008, these findings may have only made the situation worse for Obama. If nothing else the document does list his father as African from Kenya. That alone could disqualify him as a “natural born” citizen. Instead of ending this saga, the altered “birth certificate” has raised the stakes for Obama.